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According to current scenario security services are extended all over the world in various forms like military, national police which provides a internal security & secure to India from threatening. Private organization that provide services similar to a security agency called a “GROUP5 PLACEMENT SECURITY SERVICES” or security services in the form of security guards who are well trained well educated & honest. Security guards monitor and protect our premises and assets against criminal activity and damage. These guards may work at schools, hospitals and banks along with such commercial places like shopping centers, retails shop office spaces, transportation hub, sports complexes and controls the flow of peoples and regulated the security. Security guards are maintains the crowd and respond in emergency.

Security agencies in India makes people comfortable and degrade the risk factor therefore they live their premises without any bother. Security guards has to be so active because they are appointed sometimes at desks or at gatehouses so they have to be very observant, quick responder. Security agencies enforce their security guards with rules and regulations to prevent criminal activity before something happens go wrong. People makes easier their life to grasp their services because these agencies are trustworthy and easy to trace.

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